I'm Karolina Grebowiec-Hall. Planning was an early second career for me, one I didn’t know existed growing up. Before I fully understood what being a planner was, I loved it.  I loved it through jobs I loved, I loved it through jobs that were less ideal.  Recently, the planning profession hasn’t been getting the admiration it deserves - quite the opposite.  For many reasons, there has been a growing base of testimony around dissatisfaction with planning work.  These are real experiences and very real issues, not just of individuals but reflecting the broader profession.

I‘m discomforted when the conversation about planning and planners reinforces the negatives and misguides how we see ourselves.

Planners are a passionate bunch.  We need opportunities to take back the conversation, define by ourselves who we are and reclaim the joy of what we do.

Pinch Yourself, You’re a Planner is a spirited place for my own professional reflection, but more importantly, a mine of stories from planners all over the UK, across all stages of their careers, and in various specialisms, about what they take pride in and how they stay optimistic and engaged.  With enough of our own voices, we can re-establish what an instrumental force we are.

pyyap.com will take shape  through blog posts and regular interviews with professionals, pooling shared learning and soliciting contributions from planners who are keen to call out people who inspire them.  With time, it will be a professional resource and a place of celebration.