Helen Fadipe

12 Dec 2022

I make no secret of the fact that I adore my interviewee, Helen Fadipe. Although creepy, it's less creepy than you think - I have known Helen for almost twenty years and she's not too creeped out by me, so it's ok. Helen is director of FPP Associates and founder and chair of the BAME Planners Network. In her downtime, she's a fount of wisdom and exemplar of virtue.

You can probably guess that I wholeheartedly recommend listening to this. Originally I set out to extract a few key points from each of my interviews to feature here, in the body of the respective blog page. I am still processing and digesting with my small mind the richness of learning Helen has shared with me. Once I've revisited this interview several times, I will make some notes here. In the meantime, please enjoy these reflections from Helen.